Halon Fire Supression Systems

Halon 1301

Halon 1301 came on the market in the 1960s and was considered the most effective gaseous fire suppression agent available for computer rooms and other mission critical operations. In the late 1980s, a great deal of scientific evidence indicated that the agent was an ozone depleting chemical and the Montreal Protocol of 1987 required a phaseout of new production. The fire suppression industry began the search for new clean agent alternatives.

If you have halon systems currently installed in your facilities and they are located in the United States, you need to know the following facts:

  • You are under no legal obligation to remove systems from service.
  • There are no federal legal requirement to remove systems from service by any specific date.
  • You may legally recharge your system in the event of a discharge if parts are available.
  • Recycled Halon may be available for fire system recharge.
  • No new Halon 1301 agent is being manufactured.
  • You should plan to replace your systems with a Halon alternative agent, as halon recharge and repair parts are becoming obsolete.
  • Detection & Suppression International can perform maintenance on your systems as required under NFPA 12A. We have a supply of recycled agent in the event you require recharge.

We recommend you begin planning to replace your system with one of the following alternative clean agent systems:

  • FM-200
  • ECARO-25
  • Proinert
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Air Sampling Smoke Detection

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