Explosion Protection Systems

Fike is the leader in delivering patented, innovative technologies to the explosion protection and fire suppression market. Effective management of dust and gas explosion risks requires an understanding of critical explosion characteristics. Determination and location of combustible atmospheres and potential ignition sources need to be identified. And explosion protection equipment must be properly designed and maintained to minimize catastrophic risks.

With over 60 years of field experience and a team of in-house engineers, application specialists and combustion researchers, Fike understands the complexities of plant processes, relevant code compliance and the critical nature of continued plant operation. The culmination of this expertise is Fike’s EPIC line of explosion protection products – technology designed to help you achieve your safety goals AND keep you in compliance with quickly changing codes, standards and regulations associated with the explosion protection industry.

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Ever wonder how flammable dust really is? here is a video of the Mythbusters crew igniting a cloud of common coffee creamer. Imagine this fireball inside your facility.

Explosibility Testing

DSI offers Fike Explosibility Testing which provides a basis for safe plant design, operating parameters, and handling procedures. In addition to the research and development work that Fike completes on its own products, we offer a wide range of explosibility tests designed to assist companies in identifying and mitigating costly explosion hazards. Fike's state-of-the-art testing laboratory is staffed with highly trained technicians, engineers, and combustion scientists; and tests are conducted in accordance with ASTM and CEN standards to assure proper execution and interpretation.

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Explosion Isolation

Burning material produced in the initial stages of a deflagration are conveyed through any open connections (ducts, piping, chutes, conveyors) putting connected equipment and facilities at risk to secondary explosions. These secondary explosions often cause the most devastation. Regardless of the protection measures considered, explosions must be prevented from propagating to other locations within the plant.

Fike’s EPIC Explosion Isolation systems prevent the propagation of flame through the use of fast-acting valves and/or chemical barriers – effectively eliminating secondary explosions.

Mechanical Explosion Isolation involves the use of mechanical valves to provide a physical barrier, preventing the spread of an explosion. Depending on the application and/or protected process, Fike has several options and sizes available:

  • EIV (Explosion Isolation Valve) Designed to close within milliseconds of detecting an explosion, Fike’s EIV prevents the spread of flames and pressure (in both directions), preventing an explosion from propagating. Fike EIVs are one of the fastest, most effective forms of explosion protection available.
  • EIPV (Explosion Isolation Pinch Valve) The EIPV consists of a heavy duty cast valve body containing a rugged elastomeric sleeve. Upon explosion detection, compressed air is released and within milliseconds the sleeve is “pinched” to full closure, stopping the explosion from spreading beyond the valve. Used in conjunction with other Fike explosion protection components, the EIPV is an economical way to prevent deflagration propagation.

Chemical Explosion Isolation is achieved through a rapid discharge of a chemical explosion suppressant which prevents the flame from spreading to other areas of the process system.

Explosion Suppression

EPIC suppression systems are designed to detect and chemically suppress an explosion in its earliest stages, before an explosion can cause damage to the equipment or escalate into a catastrophic event. While unsuppressed explosion pressures can reach dangerous levels in less than 50 milliseconds, EPIC suppression technology can detect and respond in one millisecond, averting a potential disaster. And since explosion suppression systems do not release flame or other particulates, it is a natural choice when toxic materials are being handled, equipment is located indoors, or venting could expose personnel to dangerous pressure/flame discharge.

Fike is the leader in suppressing all classes of dust, gas, and hybrid explosion hazards. Fike’s innovative actuators release suppressant agents with remarkable speed and have a 10-year shelf life. Patented container and nozzle designs minimize flow restrictions, extinguishing the explosion faster and minimizing pressure build-up inside process equipment. The simple design of the suppression container has no moving parts or wear points, providing greater reliability over many years.

Explosion Venting

Proven to be one of the most effective forms of passive explosion protection, explosion venting provides overpressure protection from potential deflagration hazards by providing a planned pathway for the expanding gases to escape, without damaging the vessel.

Fike has a wide range of virtually maintenance-free, reliable explosion vents. Economically priced and offering a long service life, Fike explosion vents are an ideal solution for many applications.

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